Sweet Home Alabama

We stayed in Mobil and got to enjoy sweet tea and scones at the Spot of tea before leaving to Savannah. When you enter Georgia there is a sign saying ‘we’re glad Georgia is on your mind’.
Savannah’s historic district is beautiful and full of street musicians, horses and carriages, trams and great seafood. We went simple and had boiled shrimps at the Shrimp Factory. They serve them with garlic butter and spices.
There is a great candy store by the river that operates as a little factory and you get to see how everything is made.
Looking for some beach time we traveled to Edisto island, which was definitely a good choice because the beaches there are free, clean and beautiful (the parking is also free). The beach houses have names such as ‘Sand castle’ or ‘granddad’s’.
The locals buy seafood from little shops along the road (there are even 2 in the forest) and cook it at home.
We have a long ride to Atlantic city ahead of us and it’s bedtime for Rory since Mary is taking over, but before falling asleep I will tell you a cognitive bedtime story about the advantages of watching Tv.
We were looking for a bathroom at midnight in Virginia and found one inside a patrol station. As we were heading towards it a grumpy man at the cashier suddenly woke up and told us the bathrooms were for customers only. He had a Game of thrones book on his desk. He gave us a strict look and informed us about the existence of public washrooms. I accidentally said: ‘but the night is dark and full of terrors’. He smiled and let us in. So, children, here’s a message from uncle Billy. You know the rest.










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