We actually don’t have this song anymore, but I still am going to name this post after it.
Gallup looks exactly the way it does in the Lost room, but has more than
one mysteriously abandoned motel.
On entering Texas we enjoyed roadside warnings about speeding that demand that you ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ and advertisements of people selling oak trees and exotic pets.
At the Love’s gas station we met a man from Georgia (the country), who was very happy to see/hear people from a neighbour country.
On the way to Amarillo we were attacked by fog and our GPS lost it’s way, so we had to steal wifi on the parking lot of Days Inn (thank you, Days Inn, for not having a password).
Our motel was situated on an absolutely abandoned street and had a bullet hole in its window, but we had a good night’s sleep.
We had breakfast at the Waffle House, where there was a mixed crowd of families and farmers with hats on. Everyone seemed extremely friendly.
We saw the Cadillac Ranch and had the honor of painting graffiti on the actual Cadillacs.
On the way to Austin we visited Georgetown, that has amazing University Burger cafe, where they accept Southwest university pirate bucks (they have university currency that’s called Pirate bucks! I went to the wrong school). Galaxy bakery is a heaven for cupcake lovers, we saw them bake everything on the spot, so I would vouch for the freshness of their pastries.
There was also a jazz band playing in front of the city hall and the locals were enjoying themselves.
Also we noticed that there are plenty of great steakhouses everywhere in Texas.
As I promised Nora I would ride a mechanic bull in Austin, Mary and I did it after some hesitation. The Trophy Room was mainly filled with locals and everyone was very supportive and cheered in a very friendly manner (either of the rider or the bull), which surprised me as it wasn’t what I was expecting.
Now we’re heading to New Orleans and I am full if great expectations.
There is a man sitting in the middle of the road reading a newspaper. He’s wearing a red cowboy hat. Oh, baby, baby it’s a wild world.










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