Infinite arms

The road to the Grand Canyon is terrible terrible terrible, so if you are driving an extremely cool sport car also known as Hyundai Accent or similar prepare to feel like you’re riding a donkey. It’s totally worth it, obviously.
We passed a town called Williams that has the best steak I’ve ever had at Rod’s Steak house (and I am picky). Their mashed potatoes is as good as grandma’s and they actually have adequate English breakfast tea.
We saw Mather Point and then found a rock to climb (5 min to the left from Mather point there are no rangers preventing you from killing yourself).
Make sure to watch the sunrise or the sunset from Yavapai Point. Bring a camera or even five – you’ll want to take tons of pictures.
If you, like us, happened to save money on accommodation in San Francisco, do spend it on a helicopter tour – the view is spectacular, the pilots are witty and their music choices are worthy of every praise (I believe that was the IPod sending greetings from above). While landing we were listening to Green Day’s ‘Time of your life (good riddance)’.
Now I think it’s ACDC weather and we’re going to Gallup, New Mexico because the Lost Room was filmed there.

IMG_4272 IMG_4282 IMG_4284 IMG_4321 IMG_4323 IMG_4324 _MG_2938 _MG_2941 _MG_2959


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