Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me

On our way to Vegas we passed many interesting places in Arizona, such as Bullhead, that’s surrounded by very beautiful rocks and then Searchlight (what a name), Lake Mead and Boulder City that might interest those who watched Make it or break it as a kid.
Also, Visit the Hoover Dam if you have the time.
Las Vegas has a lot of lights and good music. Seriously, they play rock’n’roll all day and all of the night right on the streets of the city.
We stayed at Hard Rock, where they play what I used to have on my departed iPod (and have pretty much everything Steve Tyler ever wore).
The place is so huge that I assume some people never leave the hotel territory. But we were in a hurry to meet Nathan by the Bellagio fountain, that dances to pleasant music every 15 minutes (the fountain, not Nathan).
Make a mental note: you get carded everywhere, some places you can’t even enter without a passport.
According to Nathan’s words, this place gets away with everything, which is true, but probably won’t shock anyone who has lived in any of the world’s capitals.
As for things to see, do walk by/in the famous casinos if only to take in the crazy atmosphere. Most of them are very beautiful on the inside and have impressive works of art.
Foodwise, inside Hard Rock itself, there’s a place called Mr. Lucky’s that is open to non-residents as we’ll (little tip:so are the hotel’s swimming pools). Mr. Lucky had great (and huge) breakfasts and great soups.
Food’n’drinkwise, there’s a Mexican place called Segundo, that serves huge bowls of guacamole and fantastic frozen margaritas that come in three sizes and five flavours (I recommend going classic).
Hard Rock bartenders are pretty lazy, so don’t go there for drinks.
I hear Herbs and Rye and the Downtown cocktail room are good.
Do make time to see a Cirque Du Soleil show, there are 8 of them playing non-stop in Vegas. We got to see Mystere and enjoyed it very much.
Beware of the heat, the temperature can be as high as 41•C

IMG_4234 IMG_4237 IMG_4244 IMG_4245 IMG_4247 IMG_4257 IMG_4260


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