Highway 1

Santa Cruz is very charming and has wonderful surf shops of you’re into that kind of stuff and apier that resembles the one in Brighton. We even met two people walking to San Francisco. But Monterrey is more beautiful. The sunset (my iPhone keeps typing ‘subset’, what am I, a mathematician?!) was of a magical lavender colour and then turned fire-red.
On the way to Big Sur Google maps led us into the wild (into the woods) with no light and no civilization. The road, that looked more like a labyrinth lured us to the cliffs and the signal was lost. Soon we saw huge wooden tree-houses with even huger windows and candles on the windowsills. Now I wish to love and write here.
After fourth minutes of complete darkness we arrived to a dead end and we’re approached by a stylish old man with a gun.
‘Tell Google maps it’s been a huge inconvenience having a hundred people here every day thinking they can teach Big Sur through here’.
We promised to show google maps some hell and were released. On our way back we met an unnecessary gigantic pick up truck with an unnecessary attractive young man driving it. He asked if we wanted him to show us the road to the camp (apparently the one with the stylish old man with a gun) and we disappointed him by saying no.
So if you are not looking for a husband, death by a bullet or amazing cabin/treehouse architecture (Aka death from envy), remember: highway 1 is the only way to get to Big Sur (and you’ll see a lovely lighthouse). I recommend listening to ‘Highway 1’ by Foxboro Hot Tubes (more famous under the name of Green Day) to stay awake.
We slept in the car by the information centre, where the road patrol ignored us completely (they were looking for somebody to race with). It was cold, but the sky was hypnotizing.
There’s only one other place with stars like these.

_MG_2664 _MG_2668 _MG_2669 _MG_2670 _MG_2674 IMG_4022 IMG_4023 IMG_4024 IMG_4045


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