We got to see Big Sur properly and met a lot of elephant seals.
There isn’t much food on the way from Big Sur to Yosemite, let alone healthy food. ‘The whale watcher’s’ seems to be one of the very few places to have breakfast, they are well informed about this fact, hence the cafe is pricey (but still good).
We passed through several national parks, including Pfeiffer and Los Padres, all very scenic. But once we entered the Fresno area it became very dull. Very few gas stations, almost no food, very dry and hot, beware.
Yosemite is wonderful from the very entrance though. Glacier point is one of the best landscapes I’ve seen so far. The parking lot looks a bit crowded, but it’s not, there are many more spots, they are just not visible at first.
We danced on the stones a bit, met a rather irritated wolf (avoid meeting him, he looked hungry/hangry) and now we’re driving down to Yosemite valley to ‘God, country, grave’.
LA next.

_MG_2678 _MG_2686 _MG_2725 _MG_2732 _MG_2735 _MG_2737 _MG_2756 _MG_2760 _MG_2782 _MG_2801 _MG_2819 _MG_2820 _MG_2823


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