Save tonight

Trying to fix the day/fix the mood, we called it an adventure and a unique life lesson and went to have some fish at Scoma’s (epic!) and walk around the Fisherman’s Wharf.
All the old San Fran charm can be seen at Alamo square, the Russian hill and Lombard street (the craziest downhill ride ever).
Take the tram, it’s an important experience.
Before visiting China Town (where they have the best dim sums ever) we drive through the Golden Gate Bridge and then to Twin Peaks for the view.
Got some wine from Sonoma (since we chose to go to Napa tomorrow) and had to get plastic glasses from a diner called Carl’s Jr since (surprise) our vast collection of plastic glasses was also stolen from the car.
Driving back to our hostile hostel was nice: driving on the hills feels like walking on the walls and singing Save Tonight was just very right for the moment. I hope Nora won’t mind my gentle rhyme here, it’s all accidental.

_MG_2435 _MG_2437 _MG_2439 _MG_2460 _MG_2471 _MG_2477 _MG_2490 _MG_2493 _MG_2496 _MG_2500 _MG_2505 _MG_2506 _MG_2515 _MG_2519 _MG_2523


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