Big bad wolf

Best sign of today ‘Weed welcomes you’. Lovely Californian town.
Passing through Oregon. Everything is green and there are wooden cabins hiding in the woods. The signs say you can even rent a treehouse.
Great onion rings but absolutely no public washrooms.
If you are brace and are on the search for a very authentic experience, drive through places like Wolf creek and Bear Creek, where people lead lives very different from yours. (I hope).
Portland has amazing waterfront, impressive bridges and nice coffee. People do care about ecology there.
After entering California we took a proper look at Shasta, that lost the ghost town feeling and looks way to polished. Well, if that’s the way to preserve it.
The drive to San Francisco was quite picturesque with the mountains of foggy blue and gray.
All the excitement faded when we entered the hostel under the name of Budget Inn. Now, friends, I solemnly swear never to try to save money on accommodation again. It was far from clean and a couple of rooms to the left the paramedics were trying to resurrect somebody. The showers seemed to have survived a couple of bombings and for the first time in my life I not only slept fully clothed, but also kept my hands in my pockets while sleeping.

IMG_3901 IMG_3902


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