Food. Sunsets. Views. Food. This is Seattle, people.
Even though we arrived at midnight and went straight to our couchsurfing hosts Sabrina and Tyler (and their dog Familiar), we managed to see Seattle’s beautiful skyline.
The locals advice to avoid the touristy Space needle and look over the city from the observatory. We seem to have found an even better option. My friend Liza, who I haven’t seen for over 10 years, showed usage view from Gas Works Park. We ran up the hill and watched the sun set, while some people were sitting there in sleeping bags playing music or drinking wine. (And in that moment, I swear, we were infinite).
But I’m getting ahead of myself here.
We started the day at Pike Place market. We would have ended the day here as well if our stomachs had no limit. Food here deserves eternal glory: mac&cheese at Beecher’s (they make their own cheese there and you can watch), dangerously delicious pies at a Russian place called Piroshki Piroshki (it’s PiroZshki guys and I’m a nerd) and for yo at the Shy Giant. The first ever Starbucks has large queues and no seating, but do visit it still, it’s nice and you get to see how for some people coffee is religion and Starbucks is Mecca.
There’s a wonderful second-hand bookstore that has everything by Daniel Wallace, Thoreau and funny on phraseology (and unfortunately a lot of McEwan).
The market has beautiful huge cherries, but the secret is that if you drive down Madison there’s a pick up truck selling them considerably cheaper.
We visited Jimi Hendrix’s memorial, that surprisingly wasn’t surrounded by fans at all.
In the evening Liza showed us the campus of University of Washington that is no less beautiful than Harvard (it was also completely empty that obviously added to the atmosphere) and told us some exciting legends, that were probably invented by students. They have the Red square there, that is rumored to have a statue of Lenin hidden somewhere. Liza says that when it’s raining it’s fun to watch people fall.
In the end of the evening we saw the Troll, a huge sculpture under the bridge made of old cars covered with sand. We came to a conclusion that it resembles Taras Bulba.
We ended the day with a pleasant conversation with Sabrina and Ty. It turned out they worked with rescued wolves in New Mexico for university’s charity work.
Some more food advice: for Mexican, go to Cactus, guacamole is as good as Nora’s and they keep it coming.
For early breakfast (here I mean 6 am early) go to Essential baking company, they have quite a selection of teas, straight-out-of-the-oven croissants, including almond and blueberry ones, and their granola+yogurt is huge.
Also if you, like us, are leaving for ghost towns with the first rays of sunshine, stop by Pike place market again to see it empty and slowly coming to life.

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