Born to run

After getting lost in foggy/rainy/snowy Yellowstone and making friends with one or two grizzly bears at 3 am, we managed to find one road to Bozeman that wasn’t closed. We got to the motel at 5 am.
Make sure to get maps when you go to Yellowstone, no phone signal, no GPS. The park in tremendously (courtesy of Vittorio) beautiful, a lot of snow, lakes and geysers, I highly recommend making enough time for it. Beware of daredevil deer.
Montana has some pretty exciting advertisements. My favorites so far are:
1. Dirt needed, call Bill ************
2. Life. A beautiful thing.
3. Got sunburn? God has sunscreen.
We allowed ourselves to wake up at 10 and then had breakfast at the Western cafe on East Main str. They serve amazing breakfasts, the portions are so generous that trust me, you only want one dish, even if the description makes it sound small. I got the Harvester omelette with cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and herbs. It was twice the size of my face. Mary had eggs Benedict with an English muffin and a sausage. Their coffee blend is really nice and a bit citrusy (and obviously you get gallons of it).
People, both the employees and the regulars, were very friendly and sincerely interested in our travel plans. We even had discussion about how big is the possibility if me having ginger babies with a nice lady on the street.
Heading to Seattle now. Hope our couchsurfing host is sleepless, because apparently we won’t arrive until late. Can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since I worked at Starbucks.
Thank you, Nora, for making me appreciate this song.
Switching to Incubus now. Dave Matthews Band to follow

IMG_3741 IMG_3742 IMG_3749


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