Listen! Those lost at sea sing a song

IMG_3639 IMG_3671As we were entering the storm that Tony warned us about our second car suggested that we change engine oil ASAP. At this point I should probably say: ‘avoid Alamo, avoid Thrifty, Budget is kind if fine’.
We called roadside assistance from a patrol station in Salem, South Dakota as we were watching a baby wolf run past our car. Roadside assistance, unwisely called ‘Happy drivers’ basically said that our location is buttf**k nowhere and that nothing can be done at this time of night, but they will look for a hotel for us. Then they asked us to wait and suggested that we enjoyed ‘Let it be’ by the Beatles.
We optimistically called it all a useful life experience.
On receiving an e-mail (why the heck an e-mail?!?) saying that the car had been through all the necessary maintenance and that we shouldn’t be concerned, we set off to Badlands. Again.
If I die from a new age disease called the Alamo nervous breakdown, do know that I loved you.


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