I can’t hardly stand it

When you enter Detroit they warn you that carjacking is a serious crime and that you’ll be sent to where orange is the new black for quite some time.
But then you feel the city’s atmosphere: a mixture of noble historic districts (I highly recommend wondering around Boston-Edison) and half-destroyed modern buildings.
We parked on the casino’s parking lot for free and had wonderful Greek food at the New Parthenon, that apparently was also visited by Bon Jovi, Barak Obama and Pam Anderson.
In the evening people draw portraits and play music on the streets.
We visited the Michigan central station, that is extremely impressive even with ‘do not enter’ signs surrounding it. If you’re lucky you’ll get to enjoy the scenery lighted by the must beautiful subset.
Before going, watch ‘Only lovers left alive’ even if only for the sake of the soundtrack.
On our way to Chi City, expecting to arrive after 2am. Sleepless nights, I missed you.
CDs learned by heart: 9
Stars in the sky: just 1








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