Ain’t no rest for the wicked


Today we are driving 13 hours to Badlands National park and from there to the Devil’s tower.
Wisconsin has nice cheese (I’ve seriously just tried blueberry cheese) and incredibly beautiful car colours – from lime and peppermint to sky blue.
Grizzly bears seen so far: 0

So let me patronize you for a bit.
If you have a long drive ahead and are feeling sleepy:
1. Pull over and sleep for 15 minutes
2. Listen to discussions on the radio/audio books, not just songs, but smth that requires attention
3. Talk to your travel companion. Preferably, discuss smth exciting (sex works every time)
4. Drink water/orange juice, cranberry juice – vitamin C is your friend
5. Chew (chewing gum, nuts, apples, etc)
6. Don’t consume energy drinks, drink coffee (reasonable amounts of it), green tea or tea with ginseng instead
7. Sing (for this to work you need a non-judgemental travel combination. Seriously, that’s how friendships are tested)
8. Wash your face with cold water
9. They say massaging your ears and neck works as we’ll (not for me though)
10. Pull over, get out if the car and do some running and jumping for a couple of minutes. Not only will you feel better, but other drivers will be amused too


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