Following JK and Dylan Moran

As you might have noticed, there’s been a lot of wining and dining and no driving at all.

The flaw was fixed last Friday, when Nora, Megan and myself traveled to Edinburgh to pierce some ears and check out some famous places.

First, we went to The Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, while having tea and observing Edinburgh castle (posters on the wall and souvenir T-shirts won’t let you forget that). They make up for those signs with delicious hot chocolate (even the foam is unbelievably tasty) and a pretty interesting bathroom. The fans covered it with HP quotations, like the infamous ‘All was well’, and personal revelations, such as ‘Malfoy fucked me here’. Paninis also deserve high praise.



Our second destination was a cozy bookstore called ‘Armchair books’. They say Dylan Moran, a proud resident of Edinburgh, based ‘The Black Books’ on this very place.

image-01-05-14-10-20-1 image-01-05-14-10-20-2

image-01-05-14-10-20 image-01-05-14-10-20-3image-01-05-14-10-20-4





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