‘Today is gonna be the day’ is a good though to wake up with. One of the reasons I had it in my head may be our recent trip to Edinburgh with Megan and Nora, where we had the pleasure of hearing Wonderwall performed with a wonderful Scottish accent. I will report on that adventure later.

Today was also Adam’s birthday and STAR RADIO Awards day. After winning the BEST CONCEPT award I feel like taking a moment to remember all the pranks Kat, Julia and myself executed this year. We kidnapped cups, people (we called them ‘guests’) and cats. We tried making friends with the local fishermen, but ended up pub-crawling with a fish called Robert. We walked around town in pajamas and secret agent costumes. We conspired at multiple coffeeshops and pissed off private investigators (kids, don’t repeat this at home). We are said to have broken into several medieval castles, but I have nothing to say about that. We pranked each other with scary official letters and hot cherry coke in a coffee cup. We were, are, and will be the three celebrated idiots. Here, here.





All the glory can still be enjoyed at  




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