Cheap wine

Wine is an essential part of any student’s and any writer’s life. There were times when I only had it mulled during wintertime, but then I grew to appreciate it spice- and heat-free. Though even now I’m far from being a sommelier and at time might say offensive things like: ‘As for me, any red goes perfectly with brie’, I will try to give several recommendations based on personal taste solo.

In Britain, Australian wines are pretty popular and today we’re trying Hardy’s Bankside Shiraz 2012, purchased from Morrisons at the price of 4.99 quid. It is promised to have fruity and bramble notes and a hint of spice on the finish, which, actually, proved to be true. It reminded me of portuguese Casa de Santar, which I deeply miss. (If you enjoy sparkling, they do have Mateus here. Try green, not the rose one) Another discovery resembling Casa de Santar is Monasteiro, that we managed to find at Morrisons and Luvians both.

My wonderful girlfriends and I are going to enjoy wine and cheese by the fire on the beach sometime soon, right after the sun returns. I will provide you with pictures when that happens.






As for Hardy’s Bankside, I do approve of it, after all, I had to fight the Scottish bees for it. The Scottish bees know their thing.


PS. For further information:


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