The Great Breakfast idea

My friend Sonya holds the patent for the name ‘The Great Breakfast idea’. It means the kind of breakfast you not only want to wake up for,  but the kind of breakfast you would go to bed early for, just so the morning comes faster. I will give you examples (These pictures do not belong to me and were found on the internet for your enjoyment).







The research showed that the most popular breakfast dishes in Europe and the US are as follows:

– Cereal 

– Porridge (Yaaay, Britain)

– Pancakes

– Egg (in various shapes and forms)

– Bacon

– Peanut butter + jelly sandwich (Yaaay, America)

– Yogurt

– Scones with butter and jam (Yaaay, Britain)

– 4-5 cups of coffee (Horrifying)

– Muesli

– Waffles (I’ve never had waffles for breakfast, maybe I’m missing out)

Somebody mentioned cold dinner and cold pizza, but I am talking about beautiful breakfasts here 🙂 

The leading beverages are coffee, tea and orange juice. 

The best breakfast I’ve ever had was in Clinton St. Baking Company in NYC (4 Clinton Street, btw. East Houston & Stanton).

Cage free eggs and family farm dairy are used for pancakes here. Their warm maple butter is mouth-watering, wi-fi is present and fast and they offer breakfast for dinner (for those, who can’t wait till the morning). My pictures follow:





You might think there is nothing better in the world. There is. My friend Katherine and her boyfriend choose a day every week, when they wake up early and cook wonderful breakfast together before going to work.


There is fog in my room and I should probably eat some pineapple.



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