Hi and welcome

Let the observations and plans begin.
I am a writer currently based by the North Sea in a beautiful gothic town of St Andrews, where we get charged for crossing a street with a bottle of wine and speeding on a bicycle. 
There are pros as well. 
Firstly, I am writing this from a tiny library inside Deans Court, the oldest building in town. Secondly, as far as British coffee’s quality goes, we do have nice cafes, such as North Point. Their sign boasts that there Kate Middleton met Prince William for coffee. We meet there for blueberry or banana-toffee pancakes and smoked salmon bagel (even if you are not much of a fish fan, do try the bagel here by the sea, you might become one). North Point has free Wi-Fi and the door there makes a really pleasant sound, make sure to pay attention to it. It’s usually pretty booked, but free tables appear fast, I never had to wait for more that 3 minutes (research was performed) 

Keep reading and I’ll tell you where I go, what I eat and who I drink with. If you feel the need to know)









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