Following JK and Dylan Moran

As you might have noticed, there’s been a lot of wining and dining and no driving at all.

The flaw was fixed last Friday, when Nora, Megan and myself traveled to Edinburgh to pierce some ears and check out some famous places.

First, we went to The Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, while having tea and observing Edinburgh castle (posters on the wall and souvenir T-shirts won’t let you forget that). They make up for those signs with delicious hot chocolate (even the foam is unbelievably tasty) and a pretty interesting bathroom. The fans covered it with HP quotations, like the infamous ‘All was well’, and personal revelations, such as ‘Malfoy fucked me here’. Paninis also deserve high praise.



Our second destination was a cozy bookstore called ‘Armchair books’. They say Dylan Moran, a proud resident of Edinburgh, based ‘The Black Books’ on this very place.

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‘Today is gonna be the day’ is a good though to wake up with. One of the reasons I had it in my head may be our recent trip to Edinburgh with Megan and Nora, where we had the pleasure of hearing Wonderwall performed with a wonderful Scottish accent. I will report on that adventure later.

Today was also Adam’s birthday and STAR RADIO Awards day. After winning the BEST CONCEPT award I feel like taking a moment to remember all the pranks Kat, Julia and myself executed this year. We kidnapped cups, people (we called them ‘guests’) and cats. We tried making friends with the local fishermen, but ended up pub-crawling with a fish called Robert. We walked around town in pajamas and secret agent costumes. We conspired at multiple coffeeshops and pissed off private investigators (kids, don’t repeat this at home). We are said to have broken into several medieval castles, but I have nothing to say about that. We pranked each other with scary official letters and hot cherry coke in a coffee cup. We were, are, and will be the three celebrated idiots. Here, here.





All the glory can still be enjoyed at  



Making bread and breaking bread

Quite recently my friend Megan received a package from her parents, and there was cheese and onion bread in it. The way Megan described it, it sounded mouth-watering. Surprisingly, two days after, my friend Alexander, who is famous to the masses as Skye, baked the same for me, explaining it by saying ‘I’m really into baking these days’. He is baking due to the excess of free time since the dance battle season is over, but the warm bread was wonderful. 

He used this recipe:

Cheese And Onion Bread

350g plain flour
150g wholemeal flour
5g instant dried yeast
10g salt
Black pepper
1 medium sized onion
225g strong cheddar cheese
315g water

Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl and season generously with salt and pepper.

Finely chop the onion and roughly chop the cheese.  Stir the cheese and onion into the other ingredients.

Add the water, a little at a time, stirring until you have a firm, sticky mixture.  You may need to use slightly more or less water, depending on the particular type of flour you use.

Leave the dough to rise.  This can take several hours and you should wait until the dough has doubled in size.

Knead the dough on a floured surface, forming it into a round loaf shape.

Place the loaf onto a greased baking tray and leave it to rise again for an hour or so.

When it is ready to bake, the dough will have a plump appearance and be springy to touch.

Bake at 200oC for 30 minutes.  Tap the bottom of the loaf to check that it is properly cooked.  Fully cooked bread sounds hollow when you knock on it.

Found on:

Get inspired by some food porn, as always. 


Eating out, literally

When the weather is nice (listen to this, Scottish weather), our family tradition is to make a barbecue. We stay by the lake for hours and hours, roasting meat, eating meat and occasionally playing badminton. During wintertime there is a traditional stroll around the lake with mugs full of mulled wine. Baking potato in coals is also involved.

Have you noticed how wonderful does toasted bread taste, when toasted with actual fire? Same goes for sweet black tea, that I never have, but that for some reason tastes exceptionally good outside.  Seriously, try it.

Once, while camping, I had breakfast, made on open fire: omelette with cheese and herbs and fried bacon (Here I have the strongest association with ‘The 10th kingdom’ and mushrooms singing ‘Whiter shade of pale’). I need to go camping again.



Cheap wine

Wine is an essential part of any student’s and any writer’s life. There were times when I only had it mulled during wintertime, but then I grew to appreciate it spice- and heat-free. Though even now I’m far from being a sommelier and at time might say offensive things like: ‘As for me, any red goes perfectly with brie’, I will try to give several recommendations based on personal taste solo.

In Britain, Australian wines are pretty popular and today we’re trying Hardy’s Bankside Shiraz 2012, purchased from Morrisons at the price of 4.99 quid. It is promised to have fruity and bramble notes and a hint of spice on the finish, which, actually, proved to be true. It reminded me of portuguese Casa de Santar, which I deeply miss. (If you enjoy sparkling, they do have Mateus here. Try green, not the rose one) Another discovery resembling Casa de Santar is Monasteiro, that we managed to find at Morrisons and Luvians both.

My wonderful girlfriends and I are going to enjoy wine and cheese by the fire on the beach sometime soon, right after the sun returns. I will provide you with pictures when that happens.






As for Hardy’s Bankside, I do approve of it, after all, I had to fight the Scottish bees for it. The Scottish bees know their thing.


PS. For further information:

The Great Breakfast idea

My friend Sonya holds the patent for the name ‘The Great Breakfast idea’. It means the kind of breakfast you not only want to wake up for,  but the kind of breakfast you would go to bed early for, just so the morning comes faster. I will give you examples (These pictures do not belong to me and were found on the internet for your enjoyment).







The research showed that the most popular breakfast dishes in Europe and the US are as follows:

– Cereal 

– Porridge (Yaaay, Britain)

– Pancakes

– Egg (in various shapes and forms)

– Bacon

– Peanut butter + jelly sandwich (Yaaay, America)

– Yogurt

– Scones with butter and jam (Yaaay, Britain)

– 4-5 cups of coffee (Horrifying)

– Muesli

– Waffles (I’ve never had waffles for breakfast, maybe I’m missing out)

Somebody mentioned cold dinner and cold pizza, but I am talking about beautiful breakfasts here 🙂 

The leading beverages are coffee, tea and orange juice. 

The best breakfast I’ve ever had was in Clinton St. Baking Company in NYC (4 Clinton Street, btw. East Houston & Stanton).

Cage free eggs and family farm dairy are used for pancakes here. Their warm maple butter is mouth-watering, wi-fi is present and fast and they offer breakfast for dinner (for those, who can’t wait till the morning). My pictures follow:





You might think there is nothing better in the world. There is. My friend Katherine and her boyfriend choose a day every week, when they wake up early and cook wonderful breakfast together before going to work.


There is fog in my room and I should probably eat some pineapple.